If you’re planning to explore Albania’s top tourist destinations and are seeking transportation from Tirana Airport. You can rely on the Tirana Airport Shuttle Company for convenient travel options. Here’s a guide on how to reach these attractions from Tirana Airport using our shuttle service:

  1. Tirana: Tirana Airport Shuttle Company provides transport directly to Tirana city center, where visitors can explore Skanderbeg Square, Et’hem Bey Mosque, and the National History Museum.
  2. Berat: Take the shuttle from Tirana Airport to Berat. Once there, explore the UNESCO-listed old town and Berat Castle, which are a short distance from the drop-off point.
  3. Gjirokastër: The shuttle service can take travelers from Tirana Airport to Gjirokastër. Upon arrival, visit the Gjirokastër Castle and explore the old bazaar nearby.
  4. Butrint: Use the shuttle service to get from Tirana Airport to Sarandë, then take a short trip to the ancient ruins of Butrint and Butrint National Park.
  5. Ksamil: Travel from Tirana Airport to Sarandë using the shuttle, and from there. Explore the beautiful beaches and islands in Ksamil.
  6. Valbona Valley National Park: Book the shuttle to take you from Tirana Airport to Valbona. Enjoy hiking trails and stunning mountain landscapes upon arrival.
  7. Llogara Pass: Take the shuttle to the Llogara Pass from Tirana Airport to experience panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the Riviera.
  8. Theth: Arrange for transport from Tirana Airport to Theth to embark on trekking adventures in Theth National Park and visit the Blue Eye Water Spring.
  9. Shkodra: Use the shuttle service from Tirana Airport to Shkodra. Explore Rozafa Castle, Marubi National Museum of Photography, and Shkodra Lake.
  10. Apollonia: Book a shuttle from Tirana Airport to Apollonia. Discover the archaeological site and ancient ruins.

The Tirana Airport Shuttle Company provides convenient transport links from the airport to these various tourist destinations. Allowing travelers to easily access and explore Albania’s diverse attractions.