How much it is costs from Tirana airport to city center?

Travels by Tirana Airport Shuttle to city center Tirana costs 30 euros. Travel with Tirana Airport Shuttle it will be the fastest way to get to the city center. As Tirana Airport Shuttle journey will take only 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic. Compared to the airport shuttle bus, our services is relatively high, but Tirana Airport Shuttle can depart right away. If you were to take a bus, you would have to wait for its hourly departure time. Tirana Airport Shuttle is available 24 hours, while the bus only departs from 08:00 am until 23:00 pm.

One of the great benefits of taking Tirana Airport Shuttle is that we have notice you while you are booking in our website.

Transportation from Tirana airport to city center.

You can travel from Tirana airport to city center by Tirana Airport Shuttle.
Tirana Airport Shuttle is a private transfer that offers a comfortable, fast and safe ride.